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Dear Visitor! Welcome to our web page! 
We are a small family business in Hungary, Central Europe. Our company was founded in year 2000. Our mission is to provide professional service locally and to manufacture good quality products at acceptable prices.  
Company profile: 
TV Repairs
 We have over 20 years of experience in repairing televisions and other types of consumer electronics. 
Product manufacturing
Our products are present in the Hungarian market for nearly 15 years. Initially  we have been manufacturing Cathode Ray Tube regenerators, Flyback transformer testers and in-circuit capacitor meters. Due to declined demand for CRT TVs, these products are no longer available. We now offer new products like inductance tester, electrolytic capacitor tester, eeprom programmer, BLDC motor tester, etc. These product are only available within the Hungarian market. 
We currently manufacture the following product for the international market: 
Elektronika Praktika (Practical Electronics) magazine
In 2005, we started to publish a Practical magazine for TV repair services and other electronics specialists. This magazine contains information about relevant training and repair tips, as well as useful information regarding CRT, LCD, Plasma TVs and other consumer electronics. The magazine is published in every 3 months with 64 pages in Hungarian. 
We are happy to advertise any International Components Traders, PR articles in our magazine. If you are interested, ask for a free quote.
Our Interests
We enjoy dealing with old Radios, TVs, and vintage measuring instruments. We have a wide range of Valve tube radios, Valve amplifiers, Televisions, Oscilloscopes, Analog multimeters, etc. 
Refurbishing such old electronics is a highly time consuming process, but we managed to get some of them back in working condition. Please visit our museum under the Gallery Menu. 
Contact and Shipping: 
If you have any queries regarding a product or our magazine do not hesitate to contact us via the e-mail address below: 
International sellers and buyers are welcome, feel free to ask for a free quote. 
Yours Faithfully, 
Laszlo Pintyucza
Company owner
EP Chief Editor