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TV and Monitor repairs (Hungary based)

CRT, LCD, Plasma, Projection TV and computer monitor repairs available in a short period of time.

Instrument Manufacturing

Unique pulse generators, test and calibration instruments, timers, sensors and interfaces using analogue and digital circuits, design and manufacture for pre-order. (see products menu for more information)

Industrial Repairs (Hungary based)


Switching power supplies and UPS

Heaters, temperature controllers and solid state relays

CNC or other industrial machine’s CRT and LCD monitor repairs. (MMI, HMI)

High Voltage corona treaters. (Candiani Piercarlo, Ferarrarini & Benelli, USET, Martignoni)

Ultrasonic galvaniser generators.

Plastic foil welder machines.

Inverter welders.

Elektronika Praktika (Practial Electronics) Magazine services


Publishing PR articles, courses, and labor market advertisements with affordable prices. The magazine has 64 pages, with four colour cover pages and published every 3 months.  If you are interested, ask for a free quote.

If you are interested in any of our services, do not hesitate to contact us. We are open for cooperation in other activities as well, such as equipment servicing or product manufacturing.