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It is common perception that repairing televisions is merely done for living, however to me personally it started off as a hobby, which became an obsession.

I remember the time when I built my first crystal detector radio which was based on a piece of scrap wood attached by ordinary pins. I can also recall the excitement when I made my first attempt to repair my neighbour’s radio which he used to listen to his favourite radio show and I was determined to fix it for him.

I have always felt respect towards old radios and televisions as they are uniquely representing human creativity and fills me with deep disappointment when people throw them away, ignoring the fact that they used to be highly valued in people’s households.

I have always wanted to collect them, however, this was impossible in the past due to the lack of having sufficient storage space in my previous flat. For the last ten years – since I have been living in a family detached home – I became a desperate collector of these old gadgets. I have involved everyone who may come across to any items which may be of interest to me including colleagues, family, relatives, friends, even the local chimney sweeper and the plasterer are made aware.

The Elektronika Praktika magazine helped me to build relationships with other collagues, which has also been useful in terms of increasing my collection. I would like to say thank you to Ferenc Bábel (Ócsa), Géza Bodrogi (Budapest), Ferenc Fazekas (Szarvas), Béla Pekár (Tiszakécske), Antal Szabó (Kunszentmárton) and Ignác Varga (Tiszajenő) for the items they offered.

Special thanks to friends and my local clients for the vintage equipments which they made available to me. Items were also offered from Kecel, Hungary by Sándor Béres, László Dobár, Gábor Farkas, Gábor Hortobágyi, Árpád Kapás, József Lévai, Ádám Molnár, Rudolf Tarnóczi, János Turó.

If you have any old appliance which is in your way, and you would like to see it in a collector’s possession, please contact me. I'm grateful for any donation and willing to consider any offer.

My collection of items consists of valve radios, TV sets, tape recorders, reel to reel tapes, valve amplifiers, vintage measuring equipments and technical literature, which I would like share via my virtual museum.

I wish you a pleasant browsing!

László Pintyucza

Old Radios

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